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Take Initiative in Your College Transition, and Join the Paths 4 Change Program at Planet Venus

In the spirit of the fall semester hitting midterms, this is a good time for high school students to begin thinking about what lies in their future in terms of college. Applying to college, becoming a “competitive candidate”, as well as transitioning into college can be overwhelming for students at times—especially if they feel as though they are doing it alone.

Planet Venus Institute features the “Paths 4 Change Program”, which provides guidance for students of color as they navigate the process of applying for and transitioning to college. All high school students and current college students are welcomed to participate in this program, as it will provide guidance for crucial skill sets such as: an introduction to the college application process, writing an effective college essay, organizing application materials, keeping up with application deadlines, and more.

The Paths 4 Change Program at Planet Venus Institute is an asset that high school and college students may strongly consider as they navigate the complex frontier of higher education. With attentive and successful leaders such as Alexa—a first-generation Latina college student, April—a school social worker who been helping youth transition to college for years, as well as our very own Dr. V, who is not only a Black woman scholar, but a role model who has dedicated her life and career to cultivating resilience within women of color, students who join this program are in good hands.


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