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Kuumba is a Culturally Responsive Mindfulness curriculum that supports school-aged children as they learn to thrive in classrooms and life. Kuumba developed by Dr. Venus Evans-Winters and educator Janice Baines was designed to address the needs of students who have adapted and adjusted to numerous events impacting their mental health, emotional and social well-being, and educational success. Our goal is to integrate mindfulness into students’ daily lives while developing strategies to assist with positive development; self-awareness and self-control; and attention to high achievement.

Dr. Venus E. Evans-Winters, also known as Empress Dr. V, is a research and policy scholar, clinical psychotherapist, and licensed school social worker. As a former professor of education, Dr, V has worked with children and youth in classrooms across the U.S., South Africa, and Ghana, West Africa. Dr. V provides young mindfulness scholars storytelling, interactive play, and “Breathing from your heart” exercises accompanied by a singing bowl. Used as an invitation for mindfulness meditation, students learn to listen and connect with the multi-ranged chimes to center and focus their minds.


Janice Baines, a classroom teacher of more than a decade and master teacher, integrates culturally responsive practices and standards-based lessons into Kuumba to guide young mindfulness scholars on their journey to positive self-esteem, academic achievement, and resiliency through mindfulness meditation.

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