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Promoting Equity, Access, Culture, & Healing in Education Spaces


The P.E.A.C.H.E.S. program, which stands for Promoting Equity, Access, Culture and Healing in Education Spaces, is an initiative by Planet Venus Institute centered around the collective healing of racial trauma and protecting the wellness and safety of Black women. In today’s world, Black women are constantly faced with the harsh realities of misogynoir, racism, and the ideology that Black women are supposed to withstand any belligerence that is thrown their way. 


In educational spaces, such as the collegiate space, Black women experience all kinds of stressors that can lead to the deterioration of their mental health, overall negligence of their safety and wellness. P.E.A.C.H.E.S. specifically speaks to the unique mental health and wellness needs of Black women in collegiate spaces and aims to create a space that is conducive to bridging the emotional and mental health support gap that Black women face during their college years.

This movement prioritizes the mental health, wellness, and safety of Black women by cultivating a supportive and accessible space that vocalizes their needs. Our mission is to achieve collective healing for Black women worldwide and provide space for racial trauma to be prioritized. We aim to uplift the voices of Black women who are in collegiate spaces and prioritize their mental health. This mission will be implemented by creating a safe virtual space for Black women to heal, socialize, share access to opportunities, and congregate in safety.

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