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Dr.Venus Evans-Winters

Founder, Planet Venus Institute

Knowledge + Resilience = Power!

Dr. Venus E. Evans-Winters is a Professor, licensed clinical therapist in private practice, certified clinical trauma professional, and health and wellness coach. She is the author of several books on Black women and girls and has published dozens of academic articles on Black women's and girls' socio-cultural, educational, and mental health. Due to her commitment to research on and with Black girls and women, Dr. V was invited by President Obama's Administration to participate in a special convening at the White House to discuss research on the state of women and girls, and she served as an expert on, Pushout: The Criminalization of Black Girls in Schools, film. Dr. V has keynoted and guest lectured at numerous colleges and universities across the nation and internationally, including in South Africa and West Africa.


Dr. V enjoys teaching women how to write to heal, research for racial justice, and practicing mindfulness meditation to revive the Goddess within.  

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