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Theresa Robinson


Coach, Consultant

Degree(s): Ph.D. Curriculum and Instruction
M.S. Science & Environmental Studies
B.S. Biological Sciences
My name is Dr. Theresa Y. Robinson, and I am Founder and Chief Consultant for Science 3000 Consulting Group. My consulting and teacher coaching services would be of interest to PK-12 school administrators and non-profit organizations. My support and services are for those interested in improving academic achievement and cultural understanding in S.T.E.M for schools, communities, families and children. I was a grades 6-12 licensed biology, environmental science, and general science teacher in Chicago Schools, Currently I serve as a science and math teacher educator and STEM program coordinator for Girls Like Me Project Inc. My consulting and teacher coaching programs give attention to culturally sustaining and relevant approaches to STEM education. As a trained biologist, teacher educator and STEM advocate, I am committed to social justice, diversity and inclusion in STEM education for all learners.
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