Boss Chick's Guide to Meditation

Updated: Aug 30

Every Boss Chick needs this workbook. I've compiled a sweet and simple guide to mindfulness meditation with Black women at the center of this practice!

In the workbook, I combined everything I've learned over the years as a therapist, who embraces psycho-spiritual psychology, with my research knowledge of Black women to bring you a methodology to begin your personal journey with mindfulness meditation.  Trust and believe, if you read my book, "Black Feminism in Qualitative Inquiry: A Mosaic for Writing Our Daughter's Body" (Routledge Press), you already know how mindfulness meditation influenced my research and creative writing process as well.

​"I simply want to help Black people reclaim healing practices that are natural to who we are and not depended on Western pharmaceuticals and the oppressors interpretations of indigenous knowledge." 

~Empress Dr. V

Readers will learn:

  • The history of meditation and how its been used for centuries by indigenous populations.

  • Learn how to use mindfulness to reduce toxic stress, anger, and anxiety.

  • Simple techniques for how to gain focus and clarity in your daily life.

  • Productive ways of managing your emotions and moods.

  • How mindfulness can promote positive psychological and physical health results.

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