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Artsy & Black: Creativity & Mental Wealth

Creators. Magnifiers. Star-dusted beings. The building blocks of all of life. As black women we go by many names. We are the essence of where all forms of Thought and creation stem from, but because of the impact and turmoil of the state of the world, we often forget this. Not only does our mental, spiritual and emotional health suffer because of the depletion we feel trying to function through the societal systems put into place, but we also struggle from the lack of being able to operate and express ourselves fully and at our optimum capacity. When we can find our way back to our nature of being the pioneers of creativity and thought, we can use this power to recalibrate and soothe our mental states and the multigenerational shackles that have kept us locked into place. When we practice our creativity, we build ourselves up to know that we can never truly be depleted because our uniqueness and power is created from within and no one can claim it unless we allow them to.

Three reasons why you should dust off those crayons and do something creative today:

  1. Therapeutic / meditative benefits

“Pour the magic of passion and attention into everything you do. This is true meditation, to do things with full attention and passion.”

~Qasim Chauhan

  • Being able to engage in the repetitive and liberal nature of creativity; whether that be painting, dancing, puzzles, etc., allows your mind and body to direct its energy productively and healingly. It takes you out of the mental patterns you’re use to and puts you in a calming trance that allows for free flowing and relaxed thoughts.

2. It’s good mental and spiritual exercise

  • Creativity exercises your power to create something from nothing. We’ve been conditioned to believe that everything about us can be taken away, from our names to our beliefs, but when we exercise our power to be creative, we will realize that nothing can ever truly be taken away from us because we will always have the ability to recreate ourselves, name ourselves and re-define ourselves.

3. It allows for reflection

  • Art and creativity exposes you to yourself. It allows you to take a look at yourself through a different lens and without the parameters of what we believe is supposed to be the “logical” way of thinking. We can see ourselves for who we truly are and work on building and healing ourselves from the information we’ve received.

When it comes to mental health, we often forget the therapeutic and mental fortification our creative practices can restore in us. It’s important to remember that creativity is a healing process by nature and harnessing it for your mental growth is your birthright!

Peace, Love, & Blessings~ A'alia Zealous

About A'alia Zealous- A literary artist of her generation and the author of the latest novel Royal Jelly, has been writing for over 8 years. Her innovative and thought-provoking stories whisk you away to share in her imagination and perspective of the human condition. Her educational background in English and Journalism has given her a broad base of experience from which to draw inspiration from a myriad of topics.

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