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Welcome To Planet Venus 

Helping Women Cultivate Knowledge, Collective Power, & 


Knowledge + Resilience = Power!

Radical Healing

Planet Venus is a space for bringing forth cultural knowledge and collective power. Radical healing is seen as a useful tool for combating racism and sexism.


We affirm women's ways of knowing and being in the world to heal ourselves, our families, and communities from racial and gender trauma.

Our Community

Many of us do not have access to therapists and other healers; so, we come to believe that emotional and mental anguish and a mindset of having to figure it out on our own is just a way of life for us.


At Planet Venus, we open up the dialogue about how race and gender oppression impact us as mothers, daughters, and sisters. 

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The Mosaic

At Planet Venus, we understand women of color are confronted by chronic stress and trauma in our families, communities, schools, and workplaces.


Because our stressors are complex, we must draw upon a mosaic of healing strategies, including therapy, coaching, and self-development opportunities. 


Planet Venus is a community that is completely invested in increasing the mental wealth and transformative healing power of women and girls from a Black feminist, womanist, and intersectional perspective.

We unapologetically seek to support women as they set out to transform themselves, their communities, and the social world.


Featured Courses 

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I felt thirsty, silenced, and alone. I drank, I spoke, I wasn’t alone; I found sisterhood. Dr. Venus Evans-Winter’s is a space maker, her writing workshops immerses participants in a phenomenal journey of self-discovery and awareness. 

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